Two Interviews about Proas

Found a useful book, website or other source of infomormation about proas or tacking outriggers? Post it and discuss it here!
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Two Interviews about Proas

Post by Manik » 09 Jul 2016, 22:03

There's an audio series "Multihull Conversations with Jim Brown" (available from Outrig Media). They are not freely available unfortunately, but it does contain two episodes about proas: an interview with John Harris (designer of Mbuli & Madness) and another with Lew McGregor, former owner of Cimba (aka Pacific Bee). They're both really interesting talks, and I learned quite a bit from them.

I don't know what the audio series costs these days / how that works. A few years back I bought a subscription for the site for $10-20 or something like that, and back then the audios came with it, along with an ebook or two.

I did post a small excerpt from the Interview with McGregor in the forum, pertaining to spade rudders, the post can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=23&p=2858#p2858

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