Solo Ocean Explorer

What does your design brief look like? What are your requirements for the boat? What do you want to use it for? What does your budget look like?
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Solo Ocean Explorer

Post by peterAustralia » 22 May 2016, 08:13

Here is a boat that I would very much like to build one day. It is a 28ft outrigger canoe. I call it Solo Ocean Explorer (name can be changed). Idea is a minimalistic. simple rugged, unsinkable craft that can do blue water sailing. Obviously bigger is better, (safer), however I think that 28ft is something that can be done on a reasonable safety limit. Note the small size denotes smaller, cheaper rig, lines and blocks, winches etc. Concept is a minimal weight, stores etc, but on a larger hull than would be a necessity, thus giving more reserve. I guess the name would be underloading as the reverse of overloading.

Crossbeams are kept high to avoid wave impacts. There is a long straight and unobstructed foredeck that works to minimise the action of breaking waves. Main hull fineness ration is just over 11 to 1. Although not super fine, I think it is reasonable, especially if speed is not all important. The hull needs a bit of width at the chine level (approx waterline) so as to allow for a comfortable berth at this height. Addtionally a wider hull allows for more weight carrying capacity.

No boards (dagger/centerboard), this saves weight, time, complexity, cost. Downside boat wont point as high. Upside, simplicity, ruggedness, ability to beach almost anywhere.

A low windage cabin helps the boat get to windward in higher windspeeds and sea state.

Center of gravity is kept low, this aids ulitimate stabilty. There is a pod on the port side. Could be used as a berth, however I think it is best suited to storage and cooking area. Foam floatation bow and stern for safety. Note a small spare mast and rig could be carried on the port side, perhaps a stayed dipping lugsail of 130 sqr feet of so. A sort of emergency 'get me to shelter' if worse comes to worse. A steering oar could be carried as a backup to rudder failure. Obviously not an ideal set up, but as an emergency might be prudent.

Lastly, it does look a bit like Arpex. Was not the plan, was meant to look like a Piver Nugget with a 4ft bow extension...

Cost of building the hull would be modest, cost of all the accessories (radio, lines, blocks, bilge pump, nav lights, anchor, barometer etc etc) would be high. Possibly best to buy a scrap old yacht, remove all the fittings etc, and just chainsaw up what is left. Attach old fittings to new boat. (just an idea)

some pictures here
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