Sweet Aloha 20 ft Deep V

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Sweet Aloha 20 ft Deep V

Post by claudio » 24 Nov 2015, 03:32

Hello All,

I hope I'm not over-posting :o but I thought I would share my last project, because I feel it relates to what Johannes is exploring at the moment.(Deep Vs, plumb bows,straight keels, etc).

Sweet Aloha was built proa style. Double ended, symmetrical. Specs were 20 ft Vaka (3 ft equilateral deep V at mid-ship). 16 ft ama (2 ft deep V mid -ship). Overall beam was 12 ft. Keel was dead straight (no rocker).

It was built in a few short weeks, in the simplest possible way. 1/4 inch marine ply all around. Epoxy and light glass. Beefy tabs on all joints.

I documented the whole thing on this You Tube channel...

https://www.youtube.com/user/SweetAloha ... e_view=500

In part 23 you can see how effective the sharp deep V's are with splitting that water. An older 15 HP 2 stroke moved it plenty good!

I never got around to rigging it, but I had planned on a couple of free-standing windsurfer masts. (I don't really care much about speed on the water).

My next one would be much longer. Just as quick to build and so much more efficient.
When in doubt...stretch 'em out.

Cheers for now
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