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Enabled Browser Feeds for the Forum

Post by Manik » 10 Mar 2015, 11:41

Hey guys,

this is a a quick How-To. I just enabled ATOM Feeds (similar to RSS feeds) for the forum. You can add the ATOM feed for the forum to your browser. It's like a bookmark, and if you click on it you get a list of all the most recent posts (or the most recently active topics) on the forum as a drop-down menu. Click on one, and you are taking straight to that post. Maybe some of you will find the feature useful! :)

Recent posts: https://proaforum.com/feed.php
Active topics: https://proaforum.com/feed.php?mode=topics_active


P.S. - The titles of posts in the members only section of the forum will be listed (to anyone who subscribes to the feed), but to view the contents of the post, you have to be logged in, so the members only posts, stay members only. ;)
The recent posts ATOM feed (in Firefox).
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