500 sails project

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500 sails project

Post by tdem » 05 Nov 2017, 10:14

Just wanted to share this facebook page. It's from the "500 sails" project, a project that aims to restore the Mariana Islands maritime tradition.


Quoting from their website on 500sails.org:
We will see 500 sails on the waters of the Marianas by the year 2030
By getting 500 sailing canoes on our waters again we will have revived our maritime traditions. 500 Sails will make proas of both Chamorro and Carolinian design accessible and affordable to the community by using traditional designs, but building the hulls and outriggers with fiberglass instead of wood. This greatly reduces both the cost and the time needed to build a proa and has the added benefit of providing an insect and rot-proof hull that will last for generations.

In February 2017, 500 Sails staff built a first fiberglass Chamorro proa based on the "Anson drawing" of a Chamorro proa captured off Tinian in 1742. A total of 60 proas are planned over the next three years - most to be built by 500 Sails program participants under the guidance of 500 Sails staff and volunteers. To obtain a proa at little to no cost, individuals need to participate in the building process and to complete the water safety program, which includes swimming and boating safety components.
They recently shared this video which is half an hour of live stream from onboard a traditional proa:
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