Bow; more buoyancy or less windage?

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Rob Zabukovec
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Re: Bow; more buoyancy or less windage?

Post by Rob Zabukovec » 27 Apr 2018, 15:16

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3 bullets for starters!


.... And won the series overall.
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Re: Bow; more buoyancy or less windage?

Post by R-Finn » 01 Jun 2018, 17:43

My take this for small boats, which I consider 40 footers to fall under, is that in flat water inshore racing, go for aerodynamics. Offshore go for buoyancy. The amount of pitching in the ocean kills the aero advantage anyway, and the lack of buoyancy forward will just make things wetter than they already are. Having sailed Jzerro offshore quite a bit now, I often look at the bows of the main hull and am thankful for all of the flare and freeboard. I wouldn't remove an inch. Another example is the mini 650 class. Big fat scow bows are not very aero. A lot of their shorter seasonal races have plenty of upwind legs. They seem to do just fine across the board, especially on long ocean races. There are plenty of other Fast 40's I'd rather be on for a distance race that that black gazelle above, but clearly it's the boat to beat inshore. I guess we'll know when they take it on a 500+ miler somewhere.
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