Jzerro and Ryan Finn

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Rob Zabukovec
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Jzerro and Ryan Finn

Post by Rob Zabukovec » 12 May 2018, 23:15

Have just won line honours and on handicap in the 555 mile Regatta Al Sol race...

http://kws.kattack.com/WPlayer/GELeader ... etMin=-600


Well done!!!
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Re: Jzerro and Ryan Finn

Post by cpcanoesailor » 13 May 2018, 14:23

Well done indeed! Hopefully there's some great video from the race.
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Re: Jzerro and Ryan Finn

Post by R-Finn » 01 Jun 2018, 18:08

Thanks guys. I didn't get any great video. Had a nice solo trip back as well and will publish a short article for that on https://2oceans1rock.wordpress.com/ and the associated Facebook page. She's safely back in New Orleans and I'm working on a plan for building the new ama, of which we already built the panels for.

Something I learned on this race is, while sailing with a crew the current ama is pretty good, because we have two people on deck easing and sheeting the mainsail on enough to fly it most of the time. However, singlehanded I sail with more ballast in the ama and less trimming, so the new ama will be better at coming in contact with waves and water while going fast without slowing down as much. It's the same buoyancy as the existing ama, but much longer with a water shedding deck. Essentially it's just a scaled up Bieker/Brown 32' ama.

Immediately though I have to go back to work to pay for the Regata al Sol!
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