tacking outrigger is online again

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tacking outrigger is online again

Post by peterAustralia » 20 Jun 2018, 03:53

some here may recall a website called tacking-outrigger dot com

yes it went down a while back. Was my fault
Is now back up, domain is slighlty different, to get the old domain back would cost a lot as it went to a reseller

new URL
www.tackingoutrigger.com (note there is no hyphen anymore)

I have been doing other things. Getting on with life, getting out of the city, moving to rural area. Getting fitter and stronger now that I work on a farm. Still too slim for my height (hard to change). Two days ago I came back from three weeks in Indonesia and Malaysia. The red rowing boat is still around, need to use it more. Still have plans, reality gets in the way of what I want to do, or perhaps more accurately I let reality get in the way. Things are better now, trying to progress from thinking about ideas to implement them. Going overseas was good, went to Vietnam last year and now Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia opens your eyes, allows you to think that things are possible.

I have about 20 years to achieve everything I want to do in life, (from 47 to 67). I need to work out what things I can do, what I cannot. Would like to do a 25 day crossing of iceland (other people have done it, I am psychologically ready for this, need to be physically stronger to carry the heavy loads).

Work on the farm has been good, they made me a supervisor (I dont know why either). Getting fit even if I dont want to get fit, because I am on my feet all day. I may go back to working in laboratories again (my previous job). The transition from thinking to doing is not always easy, sometimes you do a bit and think that is enough, example building my new rowboat and going on a four day rowing trip, but should I do more? Am I guilty of not doing as much as I had hoped? all problems for the middle aged person

I can thoroughly recommend Indonesia, great place, safe, friendly, cheap. I did not go to Bali, I went to Java. I went days at a time without seeing a single westerner and felt totally safe. Vietnam I am not sure I would recommend. Malaysia I am not sure about either, I did not find the people very friendly.

I look back at some of my eariler designs, looking back after a few years, and most still look good in my own eye. Be that the retirement sailing barge, or my 13.5ft rowboat, or the 18.5ft tacking outrigger.

sorry for waffling

I realise I need to update the website, make it better. Zero changes in a couple years now, and so it needs improvements

N Peter Evans
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